Future Energy Digital Event Series:

Hydrogen Summit 2023

28-29 June 2023

8.00AM EDT (US) | 1:00PM BST (London) | 2.00 CET (Most of Europe) 

Clean hydrogen – Moving from idea to reality

Clean hydrogen is edging towards the mainstream, with government subsidies being lined up to kick-start commercial-scale production of green H2 — and perhaps blue or even pink hydrogen.

But the impact of these subsidies is not yet clear. Will developers only invest in countries with the most generous subsidies while others are left floundering? Will clean hydrogen become a globally traded commodity, or will different rules around additionality, temporal correlation and carbon content make an international competitive market impossible?

And as for electrolysers - will there be enough available to meet demand? Which types of electrolyser should developers use? And should Western manufacturers be concerned that the Chinese will undercut their prices and come to dominate the electrolyser market?

Join Hydrogen Insight and a host of leading industry experts as we try to answer these important questions and assess the future of this fast-moving sector.


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