Recharge Digital Event Series

Digitalisation and the Future of Energy

22 June

09:00am ET l 2:00pm BST l 09:00pm SGT



Digitalisation and the Future of Energy

The decentralised power grids of the fast-approaching future will be almost inconceivably complex, with supply, demand and flow variability creating a flux of prosumption calling for revolutionary reformations in the way we think about energy.

Digitalisation will provide the central nervous system for this multi-directional new global network, as artificial intelligence and algorithmic machine learning continue to accelerate the speed at which we evolve technologies, manufacture equipment and service operating plants in the field, channeling electricity in real-time to match need as we move toward a ‘post-utility’ world.

For the Fourth Industrial Revolution to take civilisation forward toward a sustainable, renewables-powered energy system, a new relationship between innovation and KPI is required, a digitally integrated and dynamic equipoise between product and project, technique and technology, engineer and ingenieur, in a world where AEP is an outmoded measure.

What are the challenges presented by this and what are the opportunities? And what are the models of collaboration that the energy industry needs to espouse to best advance the latter?



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