Recharge Hydrogen Summit

29 September 2022

Hall A2, Hamburg Messe, Hamburg






Hydrogen - hype, hope and hard truths

With more than 300GW of green hydrogen projects announced worldwide — and less than 300MW in operation — the nascent industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

But final investment decisions still seem a long way off. Questions remain over costs, supply-chain readiness, future demand, regulatory frameworks, guarantees of origin – and the subsidies that may be needed in the short to medium term.

Join Recharge at WindEnergy Hamburg’s Hydrogen Hub for a discussion with senior industry executives about what needs to happen to drive the sector from prospect to production, and the roles to be played by governments, financiers and a wide range of industries — from wind and solar developers to electrolyser manufacturers, oil & gas operators, heating, transport and heavy industry.

The event is comprised of two key sessions:

Session One: The Big Picture
Session Two: Renewable Energy's Role