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Decarbonising Industry: Can carbon capture do the heavy lifting?

22 November 2022

9am EST (US East Coast) | 2pm GMT (London) | 3pm CET (Europe)

Decarbonising Industry
Can carbon capture do the heavy lifting?

Carbon capture and sequestration is the cornerstone of oil & gas companies' and developers’ ambitious plans to help heavy industry in slashing greenhouse gas emissions in coming years. After decades of studies, pilots and false starts, large-scale CCS projects are now taking shape around the world. Can the technology be deployed fast enough to meet urgent climate targets? Is a valid business model developing around carbon capture and utilisation? And what are the policy frameworks necessary for its success?

Join Upstream and a panel of experts on 22 November to hear the latest on the challenges, issues and opportunities surrounding a technology that is finally coming into its own.

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